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                     To Read Between the Lines

                                        Tutoring,  Test Prep,  and Reading Specialists


Preparation for the PSAT, SAT, ACT, and K-12 Reading, Writing,, and NYS Regents Prep in English and history.

Proven record with college students.

  Proven Reading Strategies

  for High School Exams


  • Start studying early for these exams.  Cramming for this type of test is not effective; daily practice is essential.

  • Set aside some time for daily practice.  It is important to prioritize especially if you are taking multiple tests.

  • Chunking time is an effective organization skill.

  • Identify a quiet study area and use it consistently.

  • Students find graphic organizers and charts are an effective way to organize material.  Flashcards, timelines and maps are also helpful.

  • Finding someone to work with gives you the opportunity to share ideas.



​      To Read Between the Lines Reading Specialists 

       Individualized reading, writing, and IEP guidance

Test Preparation

  • PSAT, SAT, ACT Reading & Verbal
  • NYS Regents Exam and AP Prep
  • GRE, and PRAXIS Verbal expertise. 

 IEP and 504 Plan Guidance

Questions about learning      differences? Our staff can provide specific direction  on IEP or 504 plan creation and maintenance.  Executive functioning - successfully monitor behaviors to attain chosen goals