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                     To Read Between the Lines

                                        Tutoring,  Test Prep,  and Reading Specialists

​      To Read Between the Lines Reading Specialists 

       Individualized reading, writing, and IEP guidance


Preparation for the PSAT, SAT, ACT, and K-12 Reading, Writing,, and NYS Regents Prep in English and history.

Proven record with college students.

Test Preparation

  • PSAT, SAT, ACT Reading & Verbal
  • NYS Regents Exam and AP Prep
  • GRE, and PRAXIS Verbal expertise. 

 IEP and 504 Plan Guidance

Questions about learning      differences? Our staff can provide specific direction  on IEP or 504 plan creation and maintenance.  Executive functioning - successfully monitor behaviors to attain chosen goals

Tutoring in Dutchess County, NY

Also Serving Fishkill, NY

To Read Between the Lines offers many options for tutoring and test preparation.  We believe that the learner must be interested, inspired, and committed in order to achieve maximum potential.  Our highly educated and experienced instructors have worked with students at every level.

Not every student comes to us with the confidence to exhibit those characteristics--in fact--most don't.  To help mentor students, we instill a love of learning by helping students choose age-appropriate and interesting books.  We also zero in on oft-ignored yet critical life long learning skill-building such as developing and then applying grammar skills to writing.  We  strive to create meaning through connecting reading and writing skills to practical real world scenarios.  Through this differentiated and highly attentive approach, our students become inspired, confident, and fully engaged. 

K-8 Tutoring & Study Skills

  1. Individualized Reading Plan​
  2. Mental Math Skills
  3. Organizational Skills
  4. Essay Writing
  5. Grammar and Spelling
  6. Vocabulary Development
  7. History and Geography

High School Tutoring

SAT & ACT Tutoring


  1. Individualized Reading Plan
  2. Strategies for multiple-choice and DBQs
  3. Essay Writing
  4. Advanced Placement Exams

NYS Regents  Exam

  • English
    • Critical Lens
    • Controlling Idea
    • Reading Passages and Effective Strategies
  • Social Studies
    • Global History
    • American History
    • Strategies for Multiple Choice DBQs
    • Thematic Essays

College Tutoring

  • GMAT & Praxis Tutoring
  • Liberal Arts & Humanities tutoring
  • Essay Writing
  • Preparing for Tests
  • How to take notes from textbooks