My junior year of high school I went on a hunt for an English tutor (specifically for the SAT). Charlene Pasquale was recommended to me by a friend, and after our first lesson I had already drastically improved. In most high schools grammar is not taught well or enforced, that is a huge problem when it comes time for high school seniors to transition into college freshman. Charlene taught me not only the basics, but also ways to make my writing more sophisticated. She taught me so much and I genuinely enjoyed the time I spent with her. There is no one I can trust more with editing a paper or helping me brainstorm ideas for an essay. Charlene is a helpful, charismatic, and dedicated tutor. I strongly believe that she can help anyone improve, who is willing to put in the time and effort! 

--Marissa C., Student

Charlene is an experienced educator and tutor, a truly wonderful person who has helped both my children in their preparation for the SAT and ACT tests.  My first two children are VERY different students, with different strengths and difficulties, each having their own unique learning style.  Charlene was able to apply her knowledge as an educator to proficiently tutor each of them, by differentiating instruction that best suited them as unique individuals.  She truly gets to know her tutees as learners, and gives them the personal attention that they need to reach their fullest potential as students.  She deeply cares about all her tutees and makes the learning environment in which she tutors a warm and trusting place. I will be forever grateful to her for what she has accomplished with my first two children, and I have no doubt in my mind that my third child will be a student of hers as well, when she is starting to prepare for her SAT and ACT tests.

--Patty S., Parent Somers, New York

When it was time for my son to sign up for the SAT's / ACT's, I knew he needed professional preparation.  A classroom situation would not be the best scenario for him.  Charlene Pasquale came highly recommended as a tutor for the writing / reading portions of the exams.  She was, in fact, a driving force that helped my " reluctant son" begin to care about his scores.  When Charlene finished preparing him, not only had his scores elevated, but so did his confidence level.  Charlene took a personal interest in my son, which helped to encourage and motivate him. When it was time to submit his college essay, he asked Charlene to critique it for him.  He trusted her familiarity with what colleges are looking for.  They developed a relationship of mutual trust and respect.  Our second son is now preparing with Charlene and is doing just as well.

--Doreen G., Parent, Somers, New York

​As I wandered into the middle school portables as a frightened sixth grader, my pulse and my mind competed for first place as they raced at a sprinter's pace.  What would my teacher be like?  Would the class be too hard?  Would I actually learn something?  My mind was eased that year with an excess of grammar, Jolly Ranchers, and fun.  Mrs. Pasquale rummaged through a heap of poor grammar, bad spelling, and wasted creativity to find and expose my potential as a writer and a reader.  Now, six years later, I was faced with a new fear, far greater than the horror of an unknown sixth grade English classroom--the fear of standardized tests.  Yet again, Mrs. Pasquale has come to my rescue, teaching me that the SAT and ACT reading and writing is no more difficult than anything I learned in sixth grade.  From reading techniques to grammar lessons, Mrs. Pasquale has brought out my latent sixth grade skills and taught me new ways to beat the test.  My practice scores continue to increase, and I am confident that Mrs. Pasquale will lead me to the score I desire.

--Ben B., Student, Somers, New York 

Entering my freshman year of college was overwhelming, and having the support of Charlene was truly a blessing. Charlene goes above and beyond for her students at Manhattanville. Charlene would not only help me during our tutoring sessions, but would also take time during her weekend to correct any grammatical errors. She then would contact me to make sure my paper was done to the best of my ability. Since I am someone who is invested in my schoolwork, I view Charlene as a unique and special tutor who is always there to help me.

--Deanna, freshman in college

Mrs. Pasquale has been a great help to me during my college career. She has personally assisted me work through difficult situations in my life and made sure these difficulties didn't affect my classwork. Mrs. Pasquale pushed me to follow my passion and interests. With her help, I am proud to say I am going to graduate and have earned a position in social work. She is a great tutor who knows how to motivate a student to have the confidence to succeed.

--Azriel, senior in college

Charlene Pasquale has tutored both of our sons for the past few years. She has helped our younger, special needs son immensely with her patient and imaginative approach to his studies. His grades and confidence have improved with the resources and study techniques Charlene has given him in English and global history. Our older son worked with Charlene to prepare for the SAT and ACT tests and we were very pleased that his scores were above the ninety-fifth percentile. She also supported him with his college applications; she helped immeasurably with his application essay and the increased his determination during the process. We have, and will continue to recommend Charlene tutoring to our family, friends and neighbors. 

--Parent of a Special Needs student

Charlene was absolutely amazing to work with. She dedicates herself to her students and genuinely cares about them. Charlene helped me polish my ideas for each essay, as well as the final product by providing me with editing and revising suggestions. She was extremely accommodating and helpful to work with throughout this stressful college process. I'm very thankful for her help and everything that I've learned from her. I highly recommend Charlene's services. 

--Brooke, high school senior

During my junior year of high school, I went on a hunt for an English tutor (specifically for the SAT). My friend recommended Charlene.  After our first lesson, I had already important strategies. In most high schools grammar is not taught well or enforced. It is a problem when high school seniors transition into college freshman. Charlene taught me not only the basics, but also ways to make my writing more sophisticated. She is the person I can trust with editing a paper or helping me brainstorm ideas for an essay. Charlene is a helpful, charismatic, and dedicated tutor. I strongly believe that she can help anyone who is willing to put in the time and effort to improve!

--Marissa Campanelli, high school senior

It was a true pleasure to be given the opportunity to build a working relationship with Charlene as my English tutor. She prepared me for both the SAT and ACT and guided me through the college application process.  In addition, she helped me construct and edit my college essay. I could count on her whenever I needed help and easily schedule a weekly session together.   As I look back, I do not know how I would have dealt with the college application process without her.

--Michaella Kear

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